Trust, a word that conveys a solemn image. Concept difficult to define because in French law this notion does not exist. 

To be simple, it is a montage that allows you to divest your property to benefit the person of your choice, your children or yourself. 

A kind of testament, the notary of which would be the Trustee. 

A will is disputed, not a Trust!

In 5 points the essential advantages of a Trust

1- Confidentiality

Trust has its own name It is not registered (except asset protection trusts)

The subject of trust may include a business object. Applied to companies, it adds a level of confidentiality.

2- Estate planning

The Trust makes it possible to avoid probate of the will (especially if the property is in various countries)

The effect of creating an offshore trust is to delegate asset management to a director while retaining ownership of the assets.

It makes it possible to avoid the inheritance reserve and in the same way, largely eliminates the inheritance tax (a potential cause of the sale of the property).

The Trust guarantees the maintenance of the family property in the family, protects the assets of later creditors.

3- Divorce

You have inherited certain property that has been with your family for generations and between you and me, you do not want to share it in case of conflict with your spouse. The Trust authorizes you to place these assets in the shelter without anyone having anything to complain about. Your future ex-spouse will never get your hands on it!

4- Succession to children

It allows minors to hold real estate without having to go through a guardianship.

5- Taxes

The trust allows:

  • Avoid inheritance 
  • tax Avoid the wealth tax 
  • Avoid income tax and capital gains tax (offshore trust).our country?
  • Do you intend to declare them?

If you are on our site is that you are worried, that you are looking for a solution and trust is a solution.

The new Israeli tax law provides for an exceptional tax planning strategy for foreign investors. These investors can use an Israeli trust as the owner of their global investments and have a full exemption from Israeli tax and any tax reporting requirements.

To note :

If a foreign trust is established prior to immigration to Israel, income from that trust will not be taxable in Israel, even if you become Israeli  including after the 10-year exemption  on income from abroad the law of return authorizes 

Indeed, to put it simply, the income of a trust is perceived as a donation that is not taxable in Israeli law

Here is some additional information to better understand how the Trust works

Why offshore trust?

An offshore trust allows an individual (the “founder”) to formally transfer the ownership of his or her property to a third party or neutral custodian (“the administrator”) who will hold and manage them for the benefit of other named individuals by the founder and in many cases the founder himself (the “beneficiaries”). Trust details are normally recorded in a written document (“the trust deed”).

The effect of creating an offshore trust is to delegate management, ownership of assets to a director while retaining the actual ownership of the assets.

You have the answer to your question. By transferring your real estate assets to a Trust you take them out of the land register.

When your funds are in two clicks they will be safe forever.

How to protect your assets?

Trusts are a creation of English customary law and therefore the most appropriate place for an offshore trust is a jurisdiction whose legal system is derived from British law.

Some destinations that have proven themselves by resisting any legal constraints emanating from legal authorities and in which we excel:

  • Belize 
  • Bahamas
  • Cayman 
  • Panama
  • Jersey 
  • Man Islands 

It is only 6 destinations, we are specialists in this type of editing in a dozen jurisdictions depending on where your assets are distributed

Finally and again, in your position owning trust is mandatory. What you need is the team that will do it.

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