How To Obtain Golden Visa by Investment Program and Retirement Visa in Panama


Often a person has a desire to change their place of residence. Moreover, not just a street or a city, but to leave your own country. Forever and ever. And although emigration is not the easiest thing in the world, there are a number of countries where new residents are very welcome. Obtaining a residence permit in such countries is easier than buying a flight ticket. In this review, the story of countries where to emigrate is easy.


Although going abroad forever may not be the easiest thing in the world, in fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. In some countries, obtaining a residence permit is so simple that it is more difficult to buy a ticket to this country. So, where can you quite easily emigrate:


1. Panama- Golden Visa by Investment Program  and Retirement Visa

And again Central America, but this time it looks more like a part of Florida, which “broke away” and sailed south. In Panama, leave those who do not want the hassle and inconvenience that usually occur abroad. This country is safe, well developed, many people speak English there, and the US dollar goes there. And in Panama is very easy to enter.

Most foreigners who go to Panama for permanent residence do so on a retirement visa, which gives them huge discounts on many things, all they need is a monthly income of $ 1,000. But a residence visa for young workers is also good. In principle, all you need to do is deposit $ 5,000 to the Panamanian bank. Click this site to obtain more detailed information about golden visa by investment program and retirement visa in Panama.

Then, if a person comes from one of 47 “friendly countries” (including the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Austria, and the EU), he can get a visa “Friendly Nations”. After that, all he needs is to find a job or open a business in Panama, and he will receive the right to long-term accommodation.

2. Ecuador


Ecuador is a country with boiling volcanoes, huge mountains, and lush jungles. In fact, this is an overly romanticized stereotype of Latin America, which many consider attractive. There is a very low cost of living, and the US dollar is quite a popular currency. It seems to sound great, and this country can become a new home for only $ 800 a month.


Moreover, this money does not need to be paid at all; you just need to prove that there is a monthly income of this size in order to move to Ecuador. Ecuador does not set minimum age requirements for visas for pensioners: all that is needed is to show proof that $ 800 will be credited to a bank account every month for an unlimited period.

3. Belize


The English-speaking country in Central America is distinguished by its ultra-low cost of living and simply stunning beaches. Paradise by the name of Belize – a tiny country (slightly larger than Wales), “hectic” between Mexico and Guatemala. But what you need to stay in the country of palm trees and crystal clear water. An application for permanent residence in Belize can be submitted only one year later.


To stay in the country for a year, all you need to do is fly on a 30-day tourist visa and renew it every 30 days. After 50 weeks, you need to pay $ 1,000 and go through some bureaucratic procedures. It is necessary to be careful with the requirement to ban to leave the country for more than two weeks in six months. This will reset the annual counter.

4. Nicaragua


This can be a shock for those who remember how coups, civil wars, and the contras raged in the 1980s, but today Nicaragua is simply gorgeous. It seems that it was someone who found the remnants of paradise and placed them under the infinite celestial “bowl” between the two intact coastlines. If you do not pay attention to politics, Nicaragua is the place where you want to live. Nicaragua has a retirement entry program as in Ecuador.


As in Ecuador, all the requirements here are that you need to prove a steady income of $ 600 per month. While most countries do not allow people who have entered on a pension visa to work, the Government of Nicaragua is more loyal to this. If an immigrant opens a restaurant or a small hotel, it will not be listed as work. If a person receives income in digital form from a non-Nicaraguan company, then this also does not qualify as work.

5. Mexico


Few things can be easier than going to Mexico. You just need to buy an FMM visa at the airport or at the border. If the person is not going to work, the FMM visa will allow him to stay in Mexico for 6 months. After that, it can be updated again, and so on to infinity. It will cost all in … $ 21 for six months.


So, for $ 42 a year, you can legally live in a country of unspoiled beaches, world-class cities, and mountainous landscapes. Of course, you need some kind of income for this. And the negative side of the coin is that at present wars of drug cartels are taking place in Mexico. Over the past decade, tens of thousands of people have died.

6. Svalbard (Norway)


Immediately it is worth making a reservation, Norway is far from the easiest country on earth to enter. For example, it requires from those who want a permanent place of residence (not even citizenship) to learn Norwegian for 250 hours and 50 hours of “social research”. But in the Spitsbergen archipelago, which is part of Norway, there is no visa regime. Literally, everyone moves here and settle without needing permission.


The only thing that needs to be proved is that the immigrant has enough money to survive after the move. This is important because it is cold on Svalbard. Svalbard is closer to the North Pole than mainland Norway (which itself is a very cold country), and is constantly ice-bound, and also isolated from the rest of the world. To the mainland here is more than one and a half thousand kilometers, winters pass in constant darkness, and hungry polar bears roam the streets.